A scientific initiative that brings together health and education professionals, social studies and healthcare students, and all of those interested in responding to the problems related to cannabis consumption.
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Activity declared of health interest

Activity declared of health interest in accordance with the provisions of the Order of December 27, 2016 (DOG No. 6, of January 10, 2017), by which the activities of the Galician Agency for the Management of the Knowledge in Health (ACIS)

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Discounts for unemployed professionals and students. Special fees for collegiate professionals

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Presentations distributed in morning and afternoon sessions. Programming recreational and cultural activities.

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Why a conference about cannabis?

The latest study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) about adolescent behaviour (Health Behaviour in School-aged Children) -based on a study conducted in 2013 and 2014 in 42 countries, the majority European- places Spanish adolescents amongst those who most consume cannabis.

Congress Justification

International Conference Speakers

Dr.Manuel Isorna Folgar

Dr.Manuel Isorna FolgarDoctor Psicología. Universidad de Vigo

Isabel Germán Mancebo

Isabel Germán ManceboLicenciada en Derecho(Universidad País Vasco)

D. Fernando Rodriguez Fonseca

D. Fernando Rodriguez Fonseca

Dr. Sir Robin Murray

Dr. Sir Robin MurrayKing´s College London

Dr.Benjamín Climent Diaz

Dr.Benjamín Climent DiazDoctor Psicología. Universidad de Vigo

Dr.Guillermo Burillo Putze

Dr.Guillermo Burillo PutzeGuillermo Burillo Putze

D. Antonio Lomba

D. Antonio LombaComisión Interamericana para el Control del Abuso de Drogas

Dra.Isabel Menéndez Miranda

Dra.Isabel Menéndez MirandaDoctora en Psiquiatría. Unidad de Hospitalización Psiquiátrica del Hospital Universitario San Agustín de Avilés (Asturias)

Judit Tirado Muñoz

Judit Tirado MuñozDoctora en Psicología. IMIM Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute

Dra.Marta Rodríguez Arias

Dra.Marta Rodríguez AriasDoctora en Psicología. Universidad de Valencia

Dr.Francisco Arias Horcajadas

Dr.Francisco Arias HorcajadasDoctor Psicología. Hospital 12 de Octubre

Dr.Félix Carvalho

Dr.Félix CarvalhoProfesor Catedrático. Laboratório de Toxicologia Departamento de Ciências. Universidade de Porto

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